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360 real estate photography

Samsung Gear 360° camera

The Samsung Gear 360 is one of a few major standalone 360 cameras hoping to bring the immersive video experience to the masses. This is the ideal camera for real estate listing promotions. The camera itself is very small and very easy to transport. plus, and it’s a big plus for real estate agents, the Samsung Gear 360° camera is extremely easy to use. It takes 4K video, there’s no focusing required and it has built-in audio. Also, it’s gaining in mainstream popularity, as evidenced by the fact that YouTube has set up uploading specifically for 360° videos. I should mention here that this camera not only takes 360° videos but it also takes 360° still photos as well. Plus, the camera can be totally controlled from your Samsung smart phone.

Real estate agent should keep in mind that this camera cannot only be used for promoting your listings, it should be considered as a listing tool as well. Yes, when you’re interviewing for a listing I would always bring a laptop and show one of my prior 360° videos and tell the sellers that this is something that I’m going to be doing as part of my unique package in marketing their property. Read more »


WordPress SEO software … The ‘Big’ Sites Are Doing This …

WordPress SEO software

There’s a WordPress plugin that just launched and it leverages the same EXACT technology being used on some of the biggest, most trafficked sites on the Internet!

This is the only plugin that will allow you to do the same thing “big” sites are doing.

And since “big” sites test everything, you know it works:

=>> Pop UNDER Pro

Imagine every single person who visits your site is forced to see a page…

That page could be a squeeze page, sales page, webinar signup form, or CPA landing page.

How much more money will you make?

You need to see this plugin in action:

=>> Pop UNDER Pro

Right now, this plugin just launched and it’s on a dimesale…

You definitely want to get in early and secure your copy for a one-off price.




WordPress SEO software





Laser Targeted Traffic from social media SEO

Laser Targeted Traffic and More Profits from social media SEO

Gosoci - Laser Targeted Traffic from social media SEOSimplest and Effective way to generate Unlimited Laser Targeted Traffic And Make Money Online through Social Media on complete Autopilot!

Gosoci, 4 in 1 Cloud based software that brings sales oriented traffic from 4 social media giants and increase your profits exponentially.    CLICK HERE for full detail & video of the software Read more »


Web 2.0 and Social Links

EZ way to build Web 2.0 and Social Links

Web 2.0 and Social LinksI wanted to share with you a ranking tool I recently found
that is really showing some of the results i’ve seen.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably tried a few things to get
better rankings for your website… let me guess they didn’t
work? After seeing no results I decided to find out how the
true professional SEO guys were ranking their websites.

During my research I found a phenomenal tool called
FCS Networker. This ranking tool was created by real SEO
professionals who rank sites for a living everyday.

CLICK HERE to learn more Read more »


High Quality Media Content

Hi Friends,

Awesome! Mind-Blowing! – High Quality Media Content

That’s exactly what I thought when I first saw this new massive media package with Transparent PNGs, Vectors, Cinemagraphs, Videos and more.

This Package is a Monster, with over 5,000 high quality media content, with PLR and FULL usage rights!

See it live here.

It’s like Boomtown. Read more »


Stabilizer for Phone Camera – Best Gimbal for Gopro

Stabilizer for Phone Camera – Best Gimbal for Gopro

Stabilizer for Phone Camera - Best Gimbal for Gopro

Stabilizer for Phone Camera – Best Gimbal for Gopro

This is an awesome product for taking smooth videos with your smartphone or Gopro.

Probably one of the best 3 axis handheld gimbals on the market, when value versus cost is calculated. Close in performance to the much more expensive DJI but not as robust, but almost half the cost!

It makes smart phone and Gopro videos buttery smooth. I have a Samsung S5 and S7+ and it fits fine and balances with no issues. I put my GoPro Hero 4 Black in it and it worked great too. I screwed it on top of my monopod to get really interesting higher views so having that screw adapter is nice to have.

This gimbal features a maximum load capacity of 7.8 ounces, meaning it can handle heavier smartphones such as the iPhone 7 Plus or accessories such as add-on lenses. Balancing is done with one button controlling the roll axis. The Smooth-Q has face-tracking, panoramic, and time-lapse modes, and for you vloggers out there, it switches quickly into vertical mode. The downloadable ZY Play app can be used to remotely control your smartphone and to upgrade the gimbal’s firmware.


The Smooth-Q’s interface features a 4-way joystick, power and mode buttons, and a zoom control switch. You also have the choice of using the ZY Play App for full control of the gimbal. The Smooth-Q offers 320° rotation along the pan, tilt, and roll axes. This stabilizer’s internal battery provides up to an impressive 12 hours of run time. The Smooth-Q has a 1/4″-20 mounting thread for use a monopod, tripod, or other support. Read more »


Boost website conversions and sales


We’d all like to think our visitors sit at rapt attention the moment they land on our websites. You want to imagine them hanging on your every word… clicking on your links… joining your list… buying what you’re selling.    – – – Boost website conversions and sales

But hey, you’ve been in this game awhile. You know it doesn’t work that way.

Truth is, your visitor’s attention is being pulled in a dozen directions. The kids are pulling at their shirttails while they try to read. Dinner is bubbling over on the stove. They’re thinking about work. And your competitor is just a click away.

That’s why you need something that says to your visitors,

“Stop what you’re doing. Focus. And look at me!”

Look. At. Me.

I’m betting you’ve got a lot of “look at me!” tactics that you pull out of your marketing bag of tricks. You’ve got the awesome headlines. The coupons. The scarcity.

But do you use attention bars?

Conversion Gorilla Boost website conversions and sales

If not, you’re missing out. Big time. Because a well-placed conversion bar will quickly and easily boost your opt-in rates, engage your audience, get you more clicks, and generate sales.

Because here’s the thing… Read more »


How to make a real estate video look professional

How to make a real estate video look professional

How to make a real estate video – best real estate videography tip. If you want to produce smartphone/Gopro videos that really looks professional, I believe that currently, the Zhiyun Smooth-Q 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer is the best Smartphone & Gopro camera gimbal value. A gimbal stabilizes your camera and cancels out the shaking and jerking while walking or running, giving your videos a smooth cinematic and professional look.

For full details about the Zhiyun Smooth-Q 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone & a great price:

Absolutely phenomenal what can be achieved with a smartphone and this gimbal. I had no idea how much more professional a smartphone or Gopro video can look when using the Zhiyun Smooth-Q. Read more »


YouTube SEO Software

YouTube SEO Software – VidReaper

YouTube SEO Software VidreaperWhether you’re a beginner or a seasoned video marketer, having the research already done for you will save you massive time and effort

By doing the essential research to find profitable video topics – it’s like having a complete research team of outsourcers working for you, 24/7!

Imagine being able to do a quick search through 150,000+ pre qualified profitable videos to find which one’s you can rank for with minimum effort and time…

All the hard work is done for you!

CLICK HERE to watch this software in action

Read more »


WP Crusher: WordPress Home Study Course

WP Crusher: WordPress Home Study Course

Wordpress plugin  WP Crusher: WordPress Home Study CourseBest New WordPress training By Mastering WordPress & Website Creation

WP Crusher 2.0 is the Ultimate Guide to Setting Up & Managing WordPress, The Easy Way.

If you’ve ever felt confused and overwhelmed when it comes to WordPress or setting up your website in general, OR if you’ve fumbled around in the past and want to up your game, WP Crusher is the course for you. (Hint: you could take this course yourself OR hand it off to a virtual assistant.) Learn everything you need to know to get the most out of WordPress…That includes not just setting up a new website if you don’t have one (can be done in under 3 minutes), but getting your site to a “starting point” fast (just the right settings, themes, and plugins), and finally, improving it with your own logos, graphics, links, and more. Read more »


All in One SEO Suite

All in One SEO Suite

All in One SEO Suite

Well, my prior post was also about the same unique software.

Yes, this is one of the few times that I posted twice about a piece of software that I think is exceptional.

Still a silly low, one-time price..
But Closing Soon.. All in One
SEO Suite… Perfect for Local..

Ben is an Expert SEO software
creator and this new tool is one
of his best yet, perfect for local
marketers too..

Comm Rights Included Now,
for use with Unlimited Clients..
A suite of proven tools that
you could easily pay hundreds
per/mo for..

Quickly rank local client sites
and lead-gen sites in just days.
Read more »