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 LEAD MONSTER TECHNOLOGY – Turning visitors into clients

LEAD MONSTER TECHNOLOGY - Internet marketingIf you have pages currently online…


Are you a real estate agent looking for buyer leads, a lawyer looking looking for new clients or affiliate marketer looking to increase on-line sales, did you know that majority of the traffic that hits your sites leave without taking any kind of action. This means they don’t want to give their email, buy anything and they don’t want to click a button.

At least that’s what we thought Read more »


Youtube Ultimate Monster – New WP Plugin

Youtube Ultimate Monster

Youtube Ultimate Monster - Youtube video marketingThis is a great new WordPress plugin not only for Internet marketers, but also for almost anybody (Real estate agent, Lawyer, Dentist, etc.) who is running a WordPress blog site.

=> SEE the video

Hopefully, you all know that you can embed a YouTube video on your site. Actually, YouTube encourages this because their ads and other YouTube videos, get free advertising this way. But, with this plug-in when you embed a YouTube video you can now have your own message and/or opt-in form appear on the video. So,  in essence, you are doing the same thing that YouTube does, by putting your own advertising on other people’s professionally produced videos! Read more »


New 3-in-1 Tool Ranks Your Videos, FAST!

Rank Youtube Videos Fast

tube sniper - Youtube software

Youtube software

Josh and Andrew have just released their new video marketing

technology that exposes your competitors weaknesses

and reveals profitable niches in 90 seconds or less…


But that’s not the BEST part…


Now, track your videos rankings automatically,

AND build High PageRank Backlinks with just

a few clicks of your mouse.

Plus, right now you can save big via an active

early-bird discount..

=> SEE it Work video

This new software lets you know:

-if and how many videos are ranking on page one of Google

for any keyword – without having to do it manually

– how many views and likes a video has

– how many backlinks a video has

– if the title is properly optimized

– if the description is properly optimized

– AND the date it was uploaded…

Do you think that can save you some time when doing

your market research? Read more »


Hot New “Social Media” PLR Product!

Hi friends,

Social MediaMy buddy and business partner, Aurelius Tjin, just released an EPIC PLR package that you can grab today.

Go get instant access to it all, here:

CLICK HERE – Learn More

This one’s smokin’ HOT and in the unstoppable Social Media Marketing niche and you could very well put your name on this product and resell it for 100% of the profit.

Make just 1 sale and you already profit!

It includes everything you need to start reselling it:

* Module 1: High Quality Ebook
* Module 2: Printable Checklist
* Module 3: Resource Cheat Sheet
* Module 4: Mindmap
* Module 5: Ready-Made Salesletter & Thank You Page
* Module 6: Lead Magnet & Opt-in Page
* Module 7: High-Quality Professional Graphics
* Module 8: 10 x Quality Articles
* Module 9: Promotional Email Swipes
* Module 10: Social Media Viral Images Pack

+ 3 BIG bonuses you cannot miss! Read more »


New WordPress Plugin Stops Your Blog from Leaking Traffic…

Increase your WordPress traffic & Improve your search rankings!

Do you know that up to 50% of your traffic is being LOST… every day.

That’s a lot of sales, leads and income that you’re not getting.

You need to do something. Find a way to FIX IT.

A new WordPress plugin that solves this problem.

Website owners are raving about it:

> Watch this video and see how it works (must watch) Read more »


WordPress Video Ad Plugin Software

WordPress Video Ad Plugin Software

video marketing

video marketing

New WP Plugin inserts Your Ads INSIDE Youtube Videos (check this out)

For real estate agents you could link directly to your MLS search site or

past client testimonials!

Now you can insert YOUR OFFERS inside Youtube Videos…

Monetize All Youtube Videos on your site using THIS WordPress PLUGIN

Copy the EXACT Technology Youtube uses to make millions!

Your Banners inside Youtube Videos? (yes this is now possible)

NEWSFLASH : Your Banners can now be put inside Youtube Videos

> WATCH THIS DEMO (see how easy it is) Read more »


Social Marketing Software

Social Marketing Software

Facebook Social Marketing SoftwareSocial Engage Review – Facebook Landing Pages

Collect email leads right inside your Facebook newsfeed using  nexgen advanced social marketing technology that allows you to embed maximum performance opt-in forms right inside our social video player.

The game changing social marketing software that puts landing pages inside Facebook Newsfeed and Fanpage posts is finally launching…
*Learn More – View the Video

This Software “Social Engage” has taken the marketing industry by storm and literally everybody is talking about how powerful this is for anybody who does online business

…and that’??s for a good reason

Think about it…

Landing pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, lead capture forms and even BUY BUTTONS right inside newsfeed… this is Facebook on crack, this new software allows you to do Facebook marketing in a way you NEVER thought possible…
*Learn More – View the Video


Social Marketing Software


Viral VIDEO Memes


video memes*** This Has Never Been Seen or Offered 4 Sale Before ***

These days, the success of your business depends on so many factors at the same time: excellent service and support, quality of clients, social recognition and interaction, Online and Mobile Presence, and on many other factors – and that is a hard fact.

You could be claiming to have the greatest business, product or service. You could even be giving the right social, online and mobile impression, but…

… If you don’t use video to advertise your Business, you can’t connect with a great deal of customers actually looking for you!

It is great to know about all of the wonderful things Videos can do for your business when you use the correct techniques, but if you don’t know them, how can you apply them?

Even worse, it is a fact that, if you don’t know how to use them, you could end up harming your business seriously. Believe me, Videos are a powerful viral machine for good news as well as bad. Read more »


Automatically Maximizing Social Traffic

Social Traffic

real estate SEO software
As you know, social traffic (Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/etc)
makes up one of the main three ways of making money online.

Social HAS to be a core component of any online effort -
no matter whether it’s a shop selling t-shirts or providing real estate services.

It can be a bit intimidating to attack this because it’s
hard to figure out how to:

  • Put landing pages INSIDE fan page AND group posts
  • Put lead capture/email forms inside the newsfeed
  • Add a buy button directly inside the newsfeed (!)
  • Best way to promote your products in general

A new product was just released called Social Engage
that does all this and more.
==> Go watch the video and see for yourself <==

This is the best software for Facebook
in a long time, and it does things that nobody is
doing right now. Read more »


New EZ Powerpoint Video Templates

New EZ Powerpoint Video Templates

New update now in place for this great value package!

View all the templates in this package here: Powerpoint Video Templates

video marketing

video marketing

Now 70 Powerpoint for Video Templates Animated with audio include.
– No need for expensive software.
– Ready to edit and upload.
– No more hiring pricey freelancers.
– 16:9 ratio . . . great for Youtube.
– Audio tracks included.
– Create your own videos right now!


View all the templates in this package here: Powerpoint Video Templates




New EZ Powerpoint Video Templates


Targeted Website Traffic

Targeted Website Traffic

Access laser-trageted traffic for your website.

SEO software - website traffic software… Here are some very good reasons why you should invest in Crowd Force RIGHT now:

Automation is KEY to accelerated business growth. And Crowd Force delivers you with power-house automation.

Not only can you leave this running silently in the background, but you can ALSO give access to your team members (and if you don’t have a team now, when you DO have one this will be a very handy feature).

***Better alternative to Google and Facebook?

  CLICK HERE to View the video for full details

For years now, Google and Facebook have been ‘the answer’ to
most marketers traffic problems.

Read more »


Internet Marketing Tool

Internet Marketing Tool – Landing Page Monkey

Did you snag access to Landing Page Monkey yet? If not, go get it here – CLICK HERE

Savvy marketers all over the web are super excited about this app. That’s because it builds beautiful lead pages in a snap. There’s no code to learn and no need to hire a budget-blowing designer.

Landing Page Monkey makes it look like you spent a fortune or a load of time creating your page – no one will believe you did it in just five minutes with a web app!

You’ll love the way this app helps you build your lists and grow your business. Just look at some of the profitable ways you can use Landing Page Monkey to build your lists:

• Build webinar registration pages.
• Use it to collect contest entries.
• Put up a squeeze page on your sales letter.
• Create an opt-in page offering a freebie.
• Generate a thank-you page with customer registration.
• Create a rebate-request form.
• Create a landing page where JV partners can get updates from you.
• Send pay per click visitors to an opt-in page. Read more »

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