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Video Training for WordPress

Video Training for WordPress

Wordpress Video Training


Your Very Own Step-By-Step

WordPress Fast Track

Video Training That You Can Brand, Edit And
Resell For 100% Profits. Read more »


New video marketing software

Video marketing software

Video marketing softwareThere are a lot of software and training courses

that help you create powerful videos but there’s

barely anything out there that shows how to turn

those videos into profits in record time until now… Read more »


Social Traffic Domination

Social Traffic Domination

Social MediaA VERY exciting product has just been revealed! One
that impressed me immensely when I first saw it!

-Start driving tidal waves of extremely targeted people to your sites with 1 click.

-Create huge viral social accounts with fans coming in on autopilot

– Build huge lists of anyone you want (say people who earn over 200k a year?)

Watch a video where Luke shows you all the key features including some key results (100k single social site sounds nice right?)

Get Social Autobots at the cheapest price that it will EVER be (this is a 80% discount TODAY ONLY)

>>>Click Here To See More, Way More! <<<

What if I told you today you can not only grow your Facebook & Instagram on 100% autopilot (literally set & forget), but while that is happens, send your competitors traffic right to your door? Read more »


WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin for EZ setting up of new WordPress sites

Wordpress PluginThis plugin saves a lot of time! I no longer have to deal with the manual wordpress work. It’s a must have plugin for any WordPress user. Now you can have more time to focus on optimizing your website and expand your business with all the time you save with this new plugin.

  • No more “grunt work” WordPress tasks – ever again…
  • Now you can spend just a few seconds setting up your sites. NOT HOURS.
  • Click one button and BOOM – Your site is completely set up and ready for the search engines.
  • What would it be like to be able to crank out sites within SECONDS? Would that increase your earning potential?
  • How awesome would it be to get on page 1 of Google with just a few clicks of the mouse?
  • Now you can move 10 times quicker than your competition and focus on more important tasks for your business.




Image Search Engine

Image Search Engine

Image Search Engine    Copyright-Free ImagesGet Unlimited Copyright-Free Images

1000s Of HD Images At Just A Simple Click

Search Through 9 Creative Commons Library

100% Free Images, No Attribution Required

Amazing Time Saving, All-In-One Graphic Tool

ImageSuite finds and lets you edit 100% free images you can adapt and use at will. It comes with an advanced filtering technology that fetches only images which are free for commercial use.

Your images come from the best sources – Google Images, Flickr, Pixabay, Wikimedia Commons, Europeana,  Openclipart, Find Icons, Free Images and Icon Finder.

CLICK HERE -View sample images – more details




Image Search Engine


Video Marketing

Video Marketing

 video marketingNew video marketplace . . .

But before we get to that… have you seen the stats?

>> By 2019, 80% of traffic will be video
>> 80% of people will watch a video, only 20% will read text
>> People are 64% more likely to buy after watching a video

So, how can you jump in and get a piece of all this free-video-traffic action?


Where do you start? Read more »


WordPress SEO Fix

WordPress SEO Fix

 WordPress SEO Fix
Hi guys
Yup, it’s true, WordPress straight out of the box has a nasty bug in it that can cost you your
rankings in Google!
On the other hand, fixing it can get you a boat load of hands free targeted traffic
More about that in a moment, first of all let me get you up to speed what the problem is:
WP Default Tagging Setup = Duplicate Content On Your Site!
uh huh, using WP ‘Tag pages’ with the default configuration you get is going to create a whole bunch
of duplicate pages on your site, and we all know how much Google hate that, right..?
One sniff of you having the same content across separate pages on your site and Google are going to
grab their big fat “penalizing” wand and point it straight at your site!
If they haven’t already…

Read more »


Videos with Animation, Whiteboard

Videos with Animation

Videos with Animation - Explaindio Video CreatorRealtors/business owners would be interested in Explaindio Video Creator to make their own business/sales videos. Explaindio Video Creator is so easy to use that anyone with minimal technical skills can go and make their own sales video. As a Realtor/business owner you know the story you want to tell about your business and you can do so with Explaindio. Captivate your audience and tell your story to convert the viewer to use your services!

Start making videos for lead capture by talking about neighborhood values and benefits. What about a video about the advantage of using your team to market their home or get the best deal on their new home.

Why pay big bucks for outside video creation when you can now create your own in-house videos for much less?

CLICK HERE to see what Explaindio Video Creator can do.


Videos with Animation



Boost your video ranking in search engines

100% Automated Web-based tool with which you can boost your video ranking in search engines

Youtube video marketing   video ranking

VideoRankr is a web based tool that will build hundreds of high PR social bookmarks to your videos effectively taking the hard work and expenses out of the video ranking process.

All you need to do is create a campaign, choose a task from the drop-down menu, enter the YouTube URL, type keywords and description, and choose whether you wish to drip feed the links. Read more »


Video Distribution Software

New – Video Distribution Software
Click here to get Hydravid Software

Real estate agent, local dentist, attorney, actually, anyone with a website . . . If you’ve had it for any length of time you probably already realize that no matter how nice, how color-coordinated how informative. Your site is without top rankings for your specific keyword phrases, very few if anyone is going to be visiting your site. Read more »



 LEAD MONSTER TECHNOLOGY – Turning visitors into clients

LEAD MONSTER TECHNOLOGY - Internet marketingIf you have pages currently online…


Are you a real estate agent looking for buyer leads, a lawyer looking looking for new clients or affiliate marketer looking to increase on-line sales, did you know that majority of the traffic that hits your sites leave without taking any kind of action. This means they don’t want to give their email, buy anything and they don’t want to click a button.

At least that’s what we thought Read more »


Youtube Ultimate Monster – New WP Plugin

Youtube Ultimate Monster

Youtube Ultimate Monster - Youtube video marketingThis is a great new WordPress plugin not only for Internet marketers, but also for almost anybody (Real estate agent, Lawyer, Dentist, etc.) who is running a WordPress blog site.

=> SEE the video

Hopefully, you all know that you can embed a YouTube video on your site. Actually, YouTube encourages this because their ads and other YouTube videos, get free advertising this way. But, with this plug-in when you embed a YouTube video you can now have your own message and/or opt-in form appear on the video. So,  in essence, you are doing the same thing that YouTube does, by putting your own advertising on other people’s professionally produced videos! Read more »

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