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SDSU Aerial Photography

San Diego State University Aerial Photography

This video showing the un-retouched video from a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ on the campus of San Diego State University. This quadcopter helicopter uses GPS to make operating it very easy. They call this “Your flying Camera”. It takes great HD video as well as still photos. Plus, you can change the angle of the camera in flight, as well as go from video to stills.

You can use an I-phone or I-pod to see what the camera is filming and to set up the perfect shot. Read more »


San Diego Commercial Property Aerial Photography Marketing

San Diego Commercial Property Aerial Photography

Video marketing is the hot thing in online marketing right now.  It is a very powerful tool for any online real estate marketing campaign.  It is a quickly expanding and incredibly popular marketing platform you should be focusing on.  It is good for increasing your real estate business and the amount of money you make.  Video marketing can be used very effectively, not only for residential real estate, but also for commercial and income properties.

Aerial real estate marketing should be part of every real estate company’s arsenal. Aerial video marketing is not expensive, yet it has the ability to reach millions of potential real estate clients. Video marketing is six times more effective than print and direct mail. Video aerial real estate marketing can take your real estate business to the next level. Read more »


Video Marketing Course

Youtube Power Slam – A new level of video marketing

video marketing

This course can take you from putting up videos that could not be found to ranking videos at will. Simply get the course, forget what you think you know, follow the directions and you WILL become a master at ranking your videos. Read more »


Ultimate Facebook Fan Page Software

Facebook Fan Page Software

FanPage Blaster helps you turn FB Fan page to an auto pilot money making machine. Schedule thousands of posts for the next year in less then 30 minutes.

fanpage blaster

CLICK HERE to Learn More & FREE Bonus Read more »


Make Videos Like The PROs

It’s no secret that using video to promote your
products or business is going to significantly boost
your website traffic…


But the kicker is… Video takes up a lot of your time to
produce, and let’s face it even if you outsource it, it
will won’t be quite right, unless you pay thousands to a
top production company

Click here to find out! These videos will blow you away* Read more »


Solve your BIGGEST Blogging Problem

Solve your biggest blogging problem – generating high-quality content time and time again – with the web’s premier content curation software
blogging software
As a blogger your biggest challenge is to generate refreshing and popular content, post after post after post.  It gets tiring and soon you hit a block.  There is only so much original content that you can put out.  Read more »


New EZ WordPress SEO Plugin – Seamless SEO

Seamless SEO

Now with a simple 2 minute setup you can really improve your search engine rankings and blog traffic!

seamless SEO WordPress pluginSeamless SEO – New WordPress Plugin

Seamless SEO Boost your traffic by up to 300% with just a few moments per post. Plus, you’ll to ever worry about the next Google update ever again!
Handle all your on-page SEO headaches with a tested and proven roadmap
Instantly find dozens of high-quality long-tail LSI keywords. Used properly as Seamless SEO uses them, LSI keywords can dramatically impact your traffic, rankings and earnings Read more »


New Facebook Tool

This new Facebook tool everyone

Facebook tool
has been buzzing about, *Social Accelerator … Builds Auto Pilot Facebook Pages with Social Accelerator…

This is your special discount link:  *Social Accelerator
Get details now, because if you
don’t get in, then here’s what’s going to
happen. Read more »


The Ultimate cure for lack of content

Programmer Develops Cure For Lack of Content… Access To Unlimited Content,

SEO softwareAre you Tired of Wasting Time Writing Content?

You know, spending hours upon hours in front of a screen researching, writing and revising your content?

Or maybe you tried outsourcing and learned the hard way by losing hundreds of dollars in expenses.

We all know that we can’t live without content. It’s the life blood of any online business.

But, Why does it have to be SOOOO boring?

Why does it have to take SOOO much time, right? Read more »


Real Estate Agents Dominate Google, New Local Method

Real Estate Agentsreal estate SEO software

Local Search – Dominate Google

Okay, you have a good-looking color-coordinated real estate website, but are you getting any solid leads? Be honest, can you attribute any close sales last year to leads that you received from your website? If not, have you made any changes for 2014?

The real secret for real estate agents and other local businesses is not to try to get top rankings for generic or global keywords such as real estate or homes for sale, this will just be a waste of your time and money! What you should be concentrating on our your local search results. what I mean here. It would be far more productive, naturally, if done correctly, to try to rank for Yuma real estate or Yuma, Arizona real estate versus Arizona real estate or just plain real estate. Read more »


Blog Fresh Power

Blog Fresh Power

Blog Fresh Power is a very powerful piece of technology that attracts Hoards of NEW Traffic Like A Profit-Pulling Magnet!

Blog Fresh PowerIf you are using WordPress for your blog, here are the amazing features this new software can achieve for you! Read more »




Happy New Year 2014


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