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Typhoon Wizard drone Controller

Typhoon Wizard by Yuneec

This is the new tiny Typhoon Wizard transmitter/controller for the Typhoon drones.

When you want to get your own action video shots, this new Typhoon Wizard by Yuneec replaces the standard transmitter with this tiny transmitter/controller that’s smaller than the average TV controller!

Not only is this a great addition to anybody who wants to use their Q500 Typhoon drone for action sports, but I believe it also shows that Yuneec has now surpassed DJI as the new innovator in consumer drone technology! Read more »


Typhoon G GoPro 4k Drone

Typhoon G GoPro drone showing examples of two of its very popular high-tech pre-programmed flying modes.

The Typhoon G GoPro is naturally made for those who already own a GoPro Hero camera. the aerial photography in this video was done with my GoPro Hero4 Black edition and is in 4K quality. If your computer or TV can display 4k, be sure to change the settings of the video to 4K to get the best viewing results. Read more »


Typhoon q500 G – GoPro Drone Set Up Tips

Typhoon q500 G – GoPro Drone

this video shows important tips that will save you a lot of frustration and time when setting up the Yuneec Typhoon G Gopro drone for the first time. This new aerial photography drone is set up for installing your own GoPro camera.

By purchasing this Typhoon q500 G – GoPro Drone not only do you save money because you don’t have to buy a drone that has a proprietary camera and it, but it adds functionality to your already existing GoPro Hero camera.

If you have the go Pro hero for black edition you will now have the capability to do aerial photography in 4K at 30 frames per second! Read more »


Typhoon G Pre purchase Review 3 Important Differences

Typhoon G Pre purchase Review

3 Important differences you should know about the Typhoon G

The Yuneec q500 G – the ‘G’ stands for Gopro. This is made to install your own Gopro camera.

Even at the current price of $899 this Typhoon G has some major differences when compared to the other Yuneec q500 Typhoon models that are sold with Yuneec’s own cameras. Read more »


Yuneec Typhoon Q500 G Drone

Yuneec Typhoon Q500 G Drone Unboxing Tips

The Yuneec Typhoon G is Gopro ready drone or UAV.

Yuneec Typhoon Q500 G

Currently this is the newest consumer drone model released by Yuneec. The Yuneec Typhoon Q500 G seems larger than my prior DJI Phantom and it also seems much more sturdy.

For anyone who already owns a Gopro camera, this new Typhoon G looks like it is the best choice for getting into very stable aerial photography.

The Typhoon G Gopro ready drone offers a number of features that some of the major drone manufacturers are still developing. Personally, I like to follow me mode, watch me function and the Smart Circle function. All these new pre-programmed functions added greatly to the aerial photography capabilities of the Yuneec Typhoon Q500 G. Plus, they have an additional function called geo-fence that can keep the Typhoon Q500 G within a 300 foot barrier from the pilot. this is a good safety feature idea and a great function to use when learning to fly this model. Read more »


New Facebook video traffic tool

Facebook video traffic tool

Facebook video traffic toolThe #1 Facebook Organic Video Marketing & Timeline Ranking Software

How To Drive Traffic, Generate Leads, Build Subscriber’s List & Make More Sales Starting in Just Minutes!

Social Video Spark is a result of the collective obsession to build up the most efficient and easy to use facebook video marketing, lead generation, and engagement platform. Read more »


New WordPress Plugin

New WordPress Plugin

Wordpress pluginWPTrafficFilter is a unique and powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to instantly know the quality and conversions of any source of traffic free or paid.

Create a tracking link. Use your tracking link with your advertising campaign. Start tracking your campaign.


Get the full details


Massive Video Following

Build a massive video following in just 30 seconds?

video marketingImagine if you could build an absolutely
massive video following in just 30 seconds?

That sounds unreal, right?

Now, using ‘Periscope you can.

Periscope lets users broadcast LIVE, for free, with
nothing more than a smartphone… and its direct integration
with Twitter has made it the fas test growing video platform

How powerful is Periscope?

• 1,000,000 users in the first 10 days
• 10 years of new live content WATCHED everyday single day!
• Over 380 years of content watched since Periscope launched
a few short weeks ago! Read more »


Learn how to become an expert in ANY niche!

seo softwareHey my friend… Judi here.

I wanted to share with you
about a friend of mine and his consulting
mastery course. His name is Mario Brown.

He’s been online nearly 9 years now
and has a ton of experience and success. Read more »


Real Estate Agent Badass Video Marketing Software

Badass Video Marketing Software

real estate agent video marketingSometimes,  you watch a video and all you can say is WOW:

Viddyoze is here to make sure that’s what people say about your home listing videos too.

These days, slides and screencasts aren’t enough.

You’ve got to grab your viewers right from the word go.

That’s why we’ve seen an EXPLOSION in custom animation.

You know the things I mean… Read more »


Monetize YouTube videos 5 Ways

Monetize YouTube videos 5 Ways

Youtube video marketing - Monetize YouTube videos

New WordPress plugin – Making videos has gotten easier as technology has advanced, especially the last 12 months!

But making money with them can still be a struggle.

Now even more than ever, since everyone with a phone and a computer can make videos.

If you’ve been wondering how the guys who are REALLY cashing in with videos are doing it. Read more »


Get Massive Video traffic on autopilot

Massive Video traffic

Periscope video WP pluginJust out – Periscope video WordPress plugin.

Everyone and their dog is telling you that the
best way to get traffic and make bank online these
days is video marketing.

You’ve seen them rave about ranking videos in
YouTube and building up an audience for your

They probably mentioned ‘viral’ and ‘Facebook’ at
some point too.

So… how’s that working out for you? honestly? Read more »

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